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"Excellent Service"

Kyle K.

Service is excellent. Not only does my lawn stand out, the tech was willing to stop, give advice, and offer services for issues I had. The office staff are always super friendly. This is our 4th company we've used. No previous company can say they provide the same all around service. Thank you guys.


"Pretty Amazing"

Chris J.

these people know what they are doing. I tried myself for 3 years. it took a lot of work, and I could never get things coated evenly. Fertilizer left different shades of green on the grass. Barely any broadleaf weed control unless I dump a ton on it. I've had another company come out and it was even, but very slight results. This year I went with Irish Green and the results are obvious the very next day. The grass turns emerald green, and the clover, dandelions, etc wilt and turn yellow overnight. You can see the result crystal clear every application. It's pretty amazing, and the best part is it is costing me less than if I did it myself, with all the store-bought chemical I would have to dump on the lawn to get half the results.


"AMAZING Service"

Kris S.

AMAZING service, people and company. Employees are always awesome, polite, and respectful. They are fast about getting scheduled if it's just a service call or regular treatment. I have been with them for 2 years now and absolutely love it.


"Very Efficient, Highly Recommend"

Brad B.

I started using Irish Green because previous home owners had used and front lawn looked good. Previous owners didn't treat back yard. I thought I could manage on my own but failed. I called them back and now am having them treat front and back yards. Back yard is quite large(10 times larger than front) and not cost effective for me to do on my own. Irish Green is more cost effective than other companies I've researched and certainly less expensive than doing on your own. Very efficient, highly recommend.


"Very Pleased with Their Professionalism"

Camille S.

Irish Green and I entered into contract about 2 months ago. I have been very pleased with their professionalism and I'm relieved that scheduling and treatments are things I don't have to concern myself with anymore.