New Year, New Lawn!

It's pre-emergent season! Pre-emergents should be applied as early as possible in the year to prevent weeds from coming up in the first place. If you've been thinking about getting weed control treatments, now is the best time to start! Now, you may be asking, "what are pre-emergents?" Pre-emergents are chemicals that create a barrier in the soil, preventing any and all weed seeds from germinating in the first place. They last several weeks after each application, and by the time the season is over for them, your grass has come out of dormancy from the winter. Your lawn is now ready to soak up fertilizer and nutrients to THRIVE and prevent crabgrass and other prevalent weeds from having free rein.

Here at Irish Green Lawn Care, we have a six application program containing ALL the pre and post-emergents your (bermuda OR fescue) lawn will need. It is designed specifically for Oklahoma lawns. (Click here to fill out a QUICK form to get a free no-obligation estimate emailed over to you ASAP).

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