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Grub Worm Treatments

If you live in Oklahoma, chances are you have seen or heard of grub worms. They are thick, white worms that have small yellow heads and live in the soil.

  • Everyone has grubs in their lawn, even after a grub preventative treatment has been applied. If I went out to my lawn right now and dug a small hole in the soil, I would probably find a few grubs. The problem begins when the grub population gets too large. The grubs eat too many roots of the grass which causes the grass to lose its ability to reach the nutrients in the soil, and in the end, causes the grass to die.
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  • A lawn with grub damage often has large areas where the grass has died, and when the grub damage is severe you can pick the grass up like a blanket off of the ground (See picture). Also when you step on the area that has grub damage, it may feel soft and squishy.
  • Lastly, if your grub population becomes too large in the summer, grub damage to your lawn can be seen into late summer, often becoming most severe as late as the fall and early next spring. (These grubs can be quite aggravating if you have spent all summer caring for your lawn.)

Irish Green Lawn Care has a Preventative Grub Treatment that we HIGHLY recommend to all of our customers. Unfortunately you won't know you have a grub problem until you see the damage, and by then the damage is already done. So yes, we recommend that ALL OUR CUSTOMERS get a grub preventative one time treatment each year.

Our grub preventative application needs to be applied once a year, in June/early July. The treatment is twice the price of your lawn application and it is very effective. An added bonus, if you often have issues with moles, gophers, and skunks digging in your lawn, these critters are going after the grubs in your lawn. If you do a grub preventative treatment each year, your lawn will look less tasty and the critters will move on.

If you have any questions or would like to get on the schedule for a Preventative Grub Treatment please contact our office. The best "window of time" for this preventative treatment is running out. We highly recommended it is applied with your Round 3 treatment or in June/July.


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