Grassy Weed Program

Grassy weeds are just like zombies. Green, mean, and hard to get rid of. The good news is that we have an additional treatment program for Grassy Weeds!

Grassy Weed applications are specifically for grassy weeds such as dallisgrass, johnson grass, and certain types of hardy stickers found in some lawns that will not stay killed off with regular commercial weed control. These applications are an optional two application treatments. These treatments are applied between the Round 4 and Round 5 summer applications.

There are 3 Steps that are crucial in the process to get rid of grassy weeds:

1. Grassy Weed Treatments

2. Mow your lawn (We recommend picking a day, and mowing every week on the same day)

3. Water your lawn one inch a week to get thick and healthy grass (This will allow the good grass to keep the grassy weeds smothered out)

Steps In the Grassy Weed Program:

Step 1: Regular Round 4 lawn app

Step 2: We will apply an additional grassy weed app 2-3 weeks after Rd 4 app.

Step 3: We will apply your regular Round 5 lawn app

Step 4: Another app of the grassy weed treatment will be applied 2-3 weeks after Rd 5 app.

Each application of the Grassy Weed Program is the same price as your regular Weed Control application.

This is the recommended time os year to know out these "zombie weeds" that keep coming back to life. Without additional attention, grassy weeds will keep coming back. These two additional grassy weed applications will speed up the process of getting rid of these stubborn weeds. We guarantee our Grassy Weed Program, and will treat them for free is they come back next spring/summer.

If you have any additional questions or would like to get scheduled for the Grassy Weed Program, please contact us through email or give us a call.


April Hodges



Green lawn, weeds gone.