Flea and Tick Treatments

Spring is here! We love the warm weather and fresh greenery that spring brings.

What we don't love is flea and tick season. If you have dogs and/or spend a lot of time in your outdoor spaces during the warmer months, our flea and tick treatments are a great solution for an itchy problem.

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Common Questions about Flea and Tick Treatments:

When do we apply the treatment?

We apply the first treatment with your Round 2 lawn application. If we have already done your round 2 lawn app we will schedule your first Flea and Tick application shortly. You will receive 4 Flea and Tick applications total and we will automatically schedule your next Flea and Tick application.

How long does the treatment last?

The label on the flea and tick product states it should last 30 days. We have found that it works a little longer when 4 apps are applied with every lawn app. Of course everything plays a part: number of dogs you have, number of dogs in the neighborhood, whether your pet prefers to be inside or outside, etc.

On a personal note, our owner has an inside/outside dog, lives next to a 5 acre field, and has a creek running behind the property and the flea and tick program works very well for his lawn. If you see a flea or tick, give us a call immediately. If fleas/ticks are bad this year and your dog primarily stay outside, and/or you have more than 1 dog, I would also recommend putting Frontline on your pets. Good News: This 4 app preventative program has been working very well and is the same price as your lawn. Water both your lawn app and the flea and tick treatment at the same time and before you mow.

Please feel free to call the office at (405)-794-LAWN (5296) or send us a text at 405-300-5848 for any questions.



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