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Dormant Oil Treatment

It's time for dormant oil treatments!

If you love crape mytrles (as we do) and have any on your property, we HIGHLY recommend a Dormant Oil treatment for your crapemyrtles in approximately January. The dormant oil application is recommended to control crape myrtle bark scale, which in the past has spread through the OKC metro like wildfire. If you have any questions regarding Crape Myrtle Bark Scale or would like to get on the schedule for this treatment, please email Shar at (Tale-tell signs of Crape Myrtle Bark Scale: black soot and small white felt-like spots)

For more information or to get on the SCHEDULE for Irish Green's Dormant Oil Treatment:

Call or email our office.

(405)794-LAWN (5296)

Sincerely, Kendra Whitthorne

And the entire team at Irish Green Lawn Care