4 Steps To A Weed Free Lawn

1st Step: 4 Pre and Post-emergents per year, applied fall and early winter, are the backbone to any weed control program

  • Pre-emergents will keep many weeds (but not all) from coming up in the first place. Different chemicals are applied at different times of the year. Additionally, we modify are program each year based on many factors: issues with resistance to specific active ingredients, amounts of rain we have been receiving, and temperatures. Especially here in Central Oklahoma, one year can be quite different then previous years.
  • Post-emergents are used to kill weeds that either there is no pre-emergent to keep them from coming up (dandelions, nutsedge) and/or weeds that have broken through the pre-emergent.

***We do NOT recommend that you use Round-up on your lawn EVER. There is a very small window of time that this is feasible. If you use round-up at the wrong time of year, you can seriously stunt the growth of your Bermuda and have big dead spots where even more weeds are more than happy to grow.

2nd Step: 3-4 fertilizer applications per year, with spot treatment of any summer weeds that come up, applied early spring to late summer.

3rd Step: Mow the lawn the same day every week.

  • Mow with sharp blades
  • Never remove more than 1/3 of blade of grass at any one time
  • Recycle mowing clippings using a mulching mower

If you prefer higher mowing height:


If you prefer shorter mowing height:

If you prefer shorter mowing height:


4th Step: Once lawn comes out of dormancy, lawns need 1 inch of water per week.

  • Best to water early in the morning. Our irrigation system starts at 5 a.m. But if you must water in the evening, water early enough so that grass has time to dry completely before dark, to prevent any issues with fungus.
  • When watering your lawn, think long drinks of water, not frequent short sips. Deep watering encourages deep roots, which in turn helps plants to withstand heat stress, insects, and fungus.

Example, in the spring, water twice a week, 30 minutes per zone. Whereas in the heat of summer, when we are receiving little to no rain, we recommend that you water 30 minutes per zone, every other day. Watering the lawn for 10 minutes everyday encourages shallow roots that have a difficult time withstanding our Oklahoma heat

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