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At Irish Green, after every application, before we leave your property, your technician will email you specific watering instructions for your application and based on the time of year, rain we are receiving, etc. We post frequent (often weekly) watering instructions on our Facebook page


 In 2017, Irish Green Lawn Care collected soil samples from 7 different lawns.  Each of the lawns had received a varying number of applications of our hybrid organic mixture when we tested them. These soil samples were analyzed by the Oklahoma State University Extension Center to record whether there was an increase in organic matter and improvements in nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium (NPK) with the introduction of our new hybrid organic mixture.  


Background on Research:

All soil samples were taken from lawns that we treat (Irish Green Lawn Care). 

 4-5% of organic matter is ideal    



If you prefer higher mowing height: 

If you prefer shorter mowing height:

4th Step: Once lawn comes out of dormancy, lawns need 1 inch of water per week.


Best to water early in the morning. Our irrigation system starts at 5 a.m. But if you must water in the evening, water early enough so that grass has time to dry completely before dark, to prevent any issues with fungus.


When watering your lawn, think long drinks of water, not frequent short sips. Deep watering encourages deep roots, which in turn helps plants to withstand heat stress, insects, and fungus. 


 Example, in the spring, water twice a week, 30 minutes per zone.  Whereas in the heat of summer, when we are receiving little to no rain, we recommend that you water 30 minutes per zone, every other day.  Watering the lawn for 10 minutes everyday encourages shallow roots that have a difficult time withstanding our Oklahoma heat 

Customer #1 –  New Customer -  2 weed and feed applications by Irish Green 

May 2017      Nov 2017
Front Yard: Front Yard:
5.5% organic matter 5.5% organic matter


May 2017      Nov 2017
Backyard w/ dog: Backyard w/ dog:
3.8% organic matter 5.2% organic matter

     Results from 2017 test: Organic Matter = Excellent    


Customer #2 – Long Time Customer of Irish Green 

May 2017      Nov 2017
Enitre Property: Enitre Property:
3.8% organic matter 4.6% organic matter

  Results from 2017 test: Organic Matter = Excellent

Additional Findings:

May 2017 we learned that this lawn had low pH.  When we tested again in Nov 2017, the soil’s pH had risen naturally due to the organics in our new program. 


Customer #3 – Started hybrid program 2016/Organics applied for 1 full year/ large property (acreage)

May 2017      Nov 2017
Front Yard: Front Yard:
4% organic matter 4.5% organic matter


May 2017      Nov 2017
Backyard w/ dog: Backyard w/ dog:
3.2% organic matter 4.9% organic matter

   Results from 2017 test: Organic Matter = Excellent

Additional Findings: 

pH levels were sufficient.


Customer #4 – Long Time Customer of Irish Green 

May 2017      Nov 2017
Entire Property: Entire Property:
3.3% organic matter 4.1% organic matter

   Results from 2017 test: Organic Matter = Excellent

Additional Findings:

May 2017 we learned that this lawn had a high pH.  When we tested again in Nov 2017, the soil’s pH was now in the sufficient range (where we want it to be), simply from the organics in our new program. 

  “Digging a Little Deeper”

Why is Organic Matter Important?

     Organic matter is made up of decomposing plants, animals and waste.  The organic matter is then consumed by microorganisms in the soil, causing tunnels in the soil.  By having a healthy level of organic matter, over time soils become porous, similar to swiss cheese.  A swiss cheese like soil allows for an increase in water infiltration and assists in the prevention of “soil sealing” (where the soil crusts over and becomes compacted).  Ultimately, having organic matter present in the soil reduces runoff and erosion, promotes microorganism activity, root growth, enhances fertilizer uptake and the ability for grass/plants to use fertilizer more efficiently and therefore apply smaller amounts of synthetic fertilizers. Our organic program does all of this and still produces the same weed-free, beautiful green lawn that we love in Oklahoma.


More is Not Always Better

     In the past, many have believed that if a little fertilizer creates a nice green lawn, than more fertilizer is even better and will produce a greener lawn.  However, in a typical weed control and fertilizer program where organic matter has not been introduced, the soil is not equipped to take in large amounts of synthetic chemicals and fertilizers because there is no room to store them. Research shows that 40-60% of synthetic fertilizers never goes into the plant.  Rather these fertilizers (and other synthetic chemicals) become run off that end up in our ponds, rivers, and water retention areas.

    In summary, synthetic chemicals and fertilizers have been used in large quantities in Oklahoma (and many states) to achieve a thick, weed-free, green lawn.  But through the science, we have learned that there is a better way to achieve the same results.  Having found and followed this research, which has taken off in the NE part of the United States, Irish Green has been able to tweak the same science for our climate and popular grasses in Oklahoma.  By introducing probiotics and microorganisms into our hybrid mix, we have been able to reduce our synthetic chemicals up to 50% and, as a result, we are creating a Safer, Better, Greener lawn for you to enjoy and to be proud of!







  We are seeing improvement in the organic matter of our lawns, while also naturally leveling out small deficiencies in the soil that would cause the plant material not to properly use the nutrients that we are feeding them.  If we find a lawn is quite deficient in PNK, we can add what is needed.  We are very pleased with these results after only 1 full year of using our new hybrid organic weed control program on all our customers’ lawns.  I also wanted to pass along that the Oklahoma State University Extension Center was also very happy with these results.  In conclusion, we can all be proud that we are creating “Safer, Better, Greener” lawns for our children, pets, and our ponds (waterways). Thank you for your support this last year!

Irish Green Lawn Care proudly provides lawn service in the following areas:  Moore, Norman, Edmond, Oklahoma City, Blanchard,

Tuttle, Newcastle, Midwest City, Del City, Mustang and Yukon.     

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1st Step:  3 Pre and Post-emergents per year, applied fall and early winter, are the backbone to any weed control program


      Pre-emergents will keep many weeds (but not all) from coming up in the first place. Different chemicals are applied at different times of the year.  Additionally, we modify are program each year based on many factors: issues with resistance to specific active ingredients, amounts of rain we have been receiving, and temperatures. Especially here in Central Oklahoma, one year can be quite different then previous years. 


      Post-emergents are used to kill weeds that either there is no pre-emergent to keep them from coming up (dandelions, nutsedge) and/or  weeds that have broken through the pre-emergent.


     ***We do NOT recommend that you use Round-up on your lawn EVER.  There is a very small window of time that this is feasible. If you use round-up at the wrong time of year, you can seriously stunt the growth of your Bermuda and have big dead spots where even more weeds are more than happy to grow.

2nd Step:  3-4 fertilizer applications per year, preferably with the addition of pre & post-biotics, organic components, with spot treatment of any summer weeds that come up, applied early spring to late summer.


       At Irish Green Lawn Care, this is where we really shine.  We have learned that if we use organics plus plant probiotics as a base this will allow the plant to intake the more harmful synthetic chemicals better, allowing us to reduce the synthetic chemicals and fertilizers by up to 50%. 

       This makes your lawn safer for your children, pets, and our watersheds.

3rd Step:  Mow the lawn the same day every week. 

 Mow with sharp blades

 Never remove more than 1/3 of blade of grass at any one time

 Recycle mowing clippings using a mulching mower 

4 Steps to a Weed-Free Green Lawn

Safer. Better. Greener. Lawn Care.

Irish Green Lawn Care, 405-794-LAWN


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