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Lawn Fertilization & Weed Control


Would you rather be WORKING on your lawn or ENJOYING your lawn?


  •  It costs an average of $67-$76 (5,000-7,000 sq foot lawn), 6 times per year to have the weed-free, healthy green lawn that you will be proud of. 


  • Many weed control companies in the OKC metro have 6 , 7,or 8 application programs; so when comparing  programs, it is easiest to compare the annual price of one company to the next.


Example :

Company A - 6 applications X $60 per app = $360 per year.

Company B - 8 applications X $55 per app = $440 per year.

So, company A is cheapest, not company B.


  • It costs homeowners this much alone to purchase the chemicals, assuming you know the appropriate time of year to apply each of the applications, so why not let the professionals at Irish Green take care of your lawn for you? 



We are very proud to say that we only the only hybrid organic weed control company in the Oklahoma City metro.  Our hybrid organic weed control program consists of a  base of probiotics, micronutrients and organisms to enhance your lawns ability to intake  water and nutrients.  This means we can use up to 50% LESS synthetic chemicals making your lawn care safer for your pets, children, and our local waterways. 

Irish Green Lawn Care, Inc. 

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Irish Green Lawn Care proudly provides lawn service in the following areas:  Moore, Norman, Edmond, Oklahoma City, Blanchard, Tuttle, Newcastle, Midwest City,  Del City, Yukon, and Mustang.     

Our goal at Irish Green Lawn Care is two-fold. First, we want you to have a beautiful "green", weed-free lawn that you can be proud of, your neighbors will envy, and most importantly - that is safe for your children, pets, and our environment.  Second, we understand the people are busy, therefore, we aim to communicate with you, how you prefer (email, phone, chat from website). 

It is our goal to email your quote and to contact you by the close of the business day (when request received by 3:30 pm). 

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Cost is based on square footage of your lawn. We have an awesome satellite app that allows us to measure your lawn from our office.


  • 6 Guaranteed applications (pre-emergents & fertilizer)       
  • FREE service calls 
  • Organically based meaning LESS synthetic chemicals making your lawn SAFER for your kids & pets
  • Spray cracks in driveway and sidewalks
  • Office staff available to answer any questions



Monday:         8 am - 5 pm

Tuesday:         8 am - 5 pm

Wednesday:   8 am - 5 pm

Thursday:       8 am - 5 pm

Friday:             8 am - 5 pm

Saturday:        Closed

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