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  • Norman Fertilizer Ordinance

    • Norman Fertilizer Ordinance

      In 2017, City of Norman has identified Lake Thunderbird as having impaired water quality due to increased algae production caused by excess phosphorus in the lake.  Phosphorus is found in a lot of traditional fertilizers and can be carried by storm runoff into our water bodies that we use as drinking water.  To help protect our local waterways, the City of Norman adopted an ordinance regulating the use of manufactured fertilizers.

      Lawn Care companies now have to register with the City of Norman if they use phosphorus fertilizers and the city will limit the use of phosphorus fertilizers.


      How does this effect you as an Irish Green Customer?

      As many of you know, in 2017 we upgraded our program to be a more environmentally friendly alternative to traditional weed control programs. We want to provide you with the safest lawn care possible for your pets, children, and our local water ways. One way we accomplish that is we DO NOT use phosphorus containing fertilizers. 

      You can rest easy knowing that your Irish Green lawn is safe for Lake Thunderbird and all other local waterways.

      To read the full ordinance:

      Please do not hesitate to contact us by email, instant chat on our website, or by phone if you have any questions.  


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      And the entire team at Irish Green Lawn Care

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  • Happy Thanksgiving

    A very Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Irish Green Lawn Care to all of you!! Thanksgiving is one of our favorite holidays.  It is the time to put everything else aside and be thankful for all the good in our lives.  

    The things in life truly worth feeling thankful for are the things in life that money cannot buy: love, trust, joy, parents, children, sisters, brothers, friends, neighbors, community.   We are thankful for the community that we are apart of, all of you wonderful folks that we have had the pleasure to know since our business started in 2001.

    So a big THANK YOU from us to you for being the best customers, friends, and neighbors anyone could ask for!  

    We hope each of your Thanksgiving Days are filled to the brim and overflowing with joy and love.

    With Thanks, 

    James, Shar, Mercee, Lauren, Zach, Bailey, Connor, Hayden, Dago

    Irish Green Lawn Care



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