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Lawn Fertilization & Weed Control

  • 50% Less is More

    In 2017, we switched to our Hybrid Program, which helped us to reduce the chemicals in our lawn care by 50%! 

    We know the environment is a hot topic . The impact products and chemicals have on our waterways and land masses are a concern to many.  At Irish Green Lawn Care, we wanted to create lawn care that is not only better for your lawn, but is better for your kids, pets, and the environment.  

    Our lawn treatments have organic properties and plant probiotics (think yogurt). The organic materials and probiotics has allowed us to reduce the synthetic chemicals (herbicides and pesticides) of a traditional weed control program by up to 50%-- making your lawn Safer, Better, and Greener for your children, your pets, and our watersheds. 



    Key Benefits of Our Hybrid Program

    • Grow a deeper, more web like root system
    • Build resilient grass/plants that are better able to withstand disease, insect and weather related stress
    • Increase and improve your lawns ability to  intake nutrients and water
    • Utilize dramatically less synthetic chemicals, while creating a Safer, Better, and Greener lawn


    Field Tested - On My Lawn

    Starting in 2015, we began testing this new hybrid program on our own lawn!  We treated parts of our own lawn with this new hybrid program and some parts with just traditional synthetic chemicals, to compare the differences.  Here are our findings:

    • The areas we treated with the organic/probiotic treatment were thicker and fuller.
    • The coloring of the lawn was almost the same, and on some occasions greener.
    • Areas treated with organics/probiotics stayed greener longer.
    • We also used this organic/probiotic mixture on all of our 2016 fescue overseeding and the results were amazing.  (before and after picture below)

    So to sum it up, we are very happy!

    (see picture, to the left of the flagpole was treated with organic/probiotic mixture, to the right was treated with traditional synthetic chemicals)


    (See below) The area between these two trees, the left is before it was overseeded with fescue. The right, approximately 3 weeks after being seeded and treated with our organic probiotic treatment! Wow! Fescue came up quicker and fuller than we had ever seen!


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    Shar McLaughlin

    And the entire team at Irish Green Lawn Care

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    Safer. Better. Greener. Lawn Care.  

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