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  • A Preventative Approach to Fleas and Ticks



    Since day one, taking care of the lawn, while also caring for our pets at the same time, has always been top priority at Irish Green Lawn Care.  I often tease my husband and his family that they all love pets so much that you have to watch them closely as one can blink and they have their own zoos. So even in the “old days” when we used a traditional synthetic chemical program, we would have never used any products that we would be concerned about harming our pets.  


    Personally, I live in the most horrible breading ground for fleas and ticks.  We have a 10 acre field on one side of our property that is only brush hogged once or twice a year (grass is normally 5-6 foot high). We have a tiny creek that runs behind our house.  (Standing water puts it mildly). Then also neighborhoods all around, full of pets and more trees than a lot of city lots.



    There is plenty of information on the web regarding the diseases spread by fleas and ticks so I am going to skip that in this blog. Personally, 15+ years ago, we would put a flea/tick collar on our pets, bath them with flea and tick shampoo on a regular basis and when flea/tick season was in full swing, keep the pets inside as much as possible.  I remember being very happy when Frontline became popular. Then we started in this line of work and we learned about treating the lawn for fleas and ticks.


    For the past 20+ years, the norm in our industry was to treat the lawn just as soon as a homeowner sees fleas or ticks.  Then when you see them again, call us and we will come treat again. The standard was a 2 application process to kill the adults and then the insects that hatched 10-14 days later. Most homeowners would need 4-6 applications each year.  For the last 4-5 years we have studied and perfected a preventative approach that works better than we even hoped.  Last year we realized an added benefit of using less chemicals directly on our pets.  Yes, you read that correctly, we were able to reduce the amount of Frontline and bathing our pets with flea/tick shampoo than we normally use in the Spring & Summer.  Woohoo — our experiment is a success!


    Irish Green’s PREVENTATIVE Flea and Tick recommendations:



    2 Flea and Tick Applications with Rd 2 lawn application 1 Flea and Tick Application with Rd 3 lawn application             

    1 Flea and Tick Application with Rd 4 lawn application

    Total of 4 applications


    Cost = Each application is the same price as your lawn application.  


    **Important:  As long as you do NOT see any fleas or ticks between applications, one application after the initial 2 applications works just fine.  According to the weather, how many pets you have, number of pets in your neighborhood, etc…. you may need another flea and tick application with your Round 5 lawn application.    (At my house, we do the additional flea and tick application with our round 5 lawn application because we have such a tough time with fleas and ticks and I just don’t want to chance them getting in my house.  It is much tougher to get rid of fleas once they are inside. And ticks…yuck!)


    Timing is crucial, so if you would like to do the PREVENTATIVE Flea and Tick program, please let us know now as we will begin these applications April 1.  



    Pamela O'Neal 

    And the entire team at Irish Green Lawn Care
    (405)794-LAWN (5296)

    Safer. Better. Greener. 



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