• 4 Steps To A Sticker Free Lawn


    Stickers/Goat heads/Sandburs are an annual grassy weed that, if left alone, WILL cause havoc in your lawn. Stickers germinate in the spring and continue to be a nuisance during the summer until the first hard freeze.




    GOOD NEWS! Stickers can be controlled with pre-emergents to keep them from coming up before they even germinate.  Then during the summer months, the goal is to keep them smothered out by maintaining a thick healthy lawn (watering every other day and mowing lawn weekly is a "must do").  

    To have a sticker free lawn, there is a process and you must be vigilant. These weeds do not play nice! But we are here to guide you in the process to have a sticker-free lawn that you, your family, and pets can enjoy!


    The Plan of Attack

    Step 1. Apply four pre-emergents each year at the proper timing to keep many weeds, including stickers, from coming up in the first place. No worries, we will automatically apply pre-emergents at the correct time for you.  

    Step 2Be sure to water pre-emergents into the lawn as soon as possible!  Water thoroughly 20 minutes per zone/area. 

    Step 3. Keep stickers smothered out with thick healthy bermuda grass. Have you noticed that sticker balls love areas in your yard where you have thin, unhealthy, or no grass?  

    Want to know how to create a thick healthy lawn?

    - Fertilize on a regular basis (this is part of our program with Irish Green Lawn Care!)

    - Water daily or several times per week.  Think “long drinks of water” to encourage thick nutrient absorbing roots and to promote healthy bermuda grass.  

    -  Watering instructions will also be emailed to you by your tech the same day as applications are completed.


    Step 4. Bag when you mow!



     This is the step everyone wants to skip, but will make a HUGE difference in how fast you will get this hated (AND PAINFUL) weed under control.   First, let me tell you why it is such an important step in the process: those dreaded sticker balls each have five seeds in them!  So no, it is not your imagination, stickers multiply at a ridiculously fast pace.  The solution is to snatch up as many sticker balls as possible, as often as possible (at least weekly) and dispose of the sticker balls.  If you have a large lawn and tons of stickers, tie a burlap bag, piece of old carpet, or a furry old blanket behind your riding mower.  Pick up as many sticker balls as possible and dispose.  Repeat weekly until stickers are gone.  Once you have stickers under control, dig out every single plant as soon as you see it!  

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