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Lawn Fertilization & Weed Control

  • Aeration Season

    Aerations are very popular in the lawn care world.  You have probably heard people talking about them this time of year.  But what is an aeration? Why would I need one?

    The Purpose of an Aeration

    At Irish Green Lawn Care, we prefer to use a machine called an aerator to remove small plugs of dirt so that sunlight, water, and nutrients can better reach your root system.  A strong healthy root system = a strong healthy lawn that is better able to handle Oklahoma stressors such as extreme heat, drought (or too much water), etc.

    Why You Would Need An Aeration

    • If you have a problem with thatch (patches of thick grass), an aeration is the ideal fix. 
    • If your grass is thin, an aeration will help thicken it up. 

    Time and Prices for Aerations:

    The most popular time to have an aeration done on your lawn is early Spring.  We do aerations middle of March through April.  We recommend an aeration once a year.  We often schedule them on windy days (plenty of those in Oklahoma).  The cost of an aeration = double the cost of your lawn application.  (Example $65 lawn app = $130 for aeration).








    Yes, schedule an Aeration.


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  • Stickers- 4 Step Plan of Attack

    Ever step on one of these in the middle of the night?

    Yeah, not fun.  Try mowing a lawn full of stickers- ouch!

    Stickers/ Goat heads/ Sandburs are an annual grassy weed that if left alone can cause havoc in your lawn. Stickers germinate in the Spring and continue to be a nuisance during the summer until the first hard freeze.




    GOOD NEWS! Stickers can be controled with pre-emergents to keep them from coming up before they germinate.  Then during the summer months, the goal is to keep them smoothered out by maintaining a thick healthy lawn (watering lawn and mowing lawn weekly is a "must do").  

    To have a sticker free lawn, there is a process and you must be vigilant. These weeds do not play nice! But we are here to guide you in the process to have a sticker-free lawn that you, your family, and pets can enjoy!


    The Plan of Attack

    Step 1. Apply three pre-emergents each year at proper timing to keep many weeds, including stickers, from coming up in the first place. No worries, we will automatically apply pre emergents at proper timing for you.  

    More Hybrid Program info.

    Step 2:  Water pre-emergents into the lawn as soon as possible.   Water DEEPLY 20 minutes per zone/area. 

    Step 3. Have you noticed that sticker balls love areas in your yard where you have thin or no grass?  In the summer, keep stickers smothered-out with thick healthy bermuda grass.

    How to create a thick healthy lawn?

    • Fertilize on a regular basis (this is part of your program with Irish Green)
    •  Water your lawn on a regular basis.  Think “long drinks of water” to encourage thick healthy roots and consequently thick bermuda grass.  
    • Check out our Facebook page at for watering instructions as seasons/temperatures change. Watering instructions will also be emailed to you by your tech the same day as applications are completed.


    Step 4. Bag when you mow



    This is the step everyone wants to skip, but will make a huge difference in how fast you will get this hated weed under control.   First let me tell you why it is such an important step in the process: those dreaded sticker balls each have 5 seeds in them!  So no, it is not your imagination, stickers multiple at a ridiculously fast pace.  So the solution is to pick-up as many sticker balls as possible, as often as possible (at least weekly) and dispose of the sticker balls.  If you have a large lawn and tons of stickers, tie a burlap bag, piece of old carpet, or a furry blanket behind your riding mower.  Pick-up as many sticker balls as possible and dispose.  Repeat weekly until stickers are gone.  Once you have stickers under control, dig out every single plant as soon as you see it!  


    The Battle Won:

     In addition to the pre-emergents being safer for your children, pets, and our watersheds, we can work together so you will be able to enjoy a healthy lawn that is safe for you to walk on barefoot without those spikey weeds hiding, waiting to hurt you like legos in the carpet.


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    Pamela O'Neal 

    And the entire team at Irish Green Lawn Care
    (405)794-LAWN (5296)

    Safer. Better. Greener. 

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