• Flea And Tick Treatments


    Since day one, taking care of the lawn, while also caring for our pets at the same time, has always been a top priority at Irish Green Lawn care. I often tease my husband and his family that they all love pets so much that you have to watch them closely as one can blink and they have their own zoos. So even in the “old days” when we used a traditional synthetic chemical program, we would have never used any products that we would be concerned about harming our pets. 

    Personally, I live in the most horrible breeding ground for fleas and ticks. We have a 10-acre field on one side of our property that is only brush hogged once or twice a year (grass is normally 5-6 foot high). We have a tiny creek that runs behind our house. (standing water puts it mildly). Then also neighborhoods all around, full of pets and more trees than a lot of city lots.



    Common Questions about Flea and Tick Treatments:

    When do we apply the treatment?

    We will apply the first series of two apps at the same time as Round 2- so just blink a couple of times and it will be flea/tick season.

    Do I need to reschedule the treatment every year?

    This is a recurring treatment. It will be automatically rescheduled every year until you let us know otherwise.

    How long does the treatment last?

    The label on the flea and tick product states that it should last 30 days. We recommend doing the two flea and tick apps 10-14 days apart. (One round to kill the adult bugs and the second round to kill any eggs that might have hatched.)

    To make sure you start off your spring safe for your children and pets, click the link below and we will automatically get the apps scheduled at proper timing for your lawn.

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    Please do not hesitate to contact us by email, or by phone if you have any questions.



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  • A Is For Aeration

    Aerations are very popular in the lawn care world.  You have probably heard people talking about them this time of year.  But what is an aeration? Why would I need one?

    The Purpose of an Aeration

    At Irish Green Lawn Care, we prefer to use a machine called an aerator to remove small plugs of dirt so that sunlight, water, and nutrients can better reach your root system.  A strong healthy root system = a strong healthy lawn that is better able to handle Oklahoma stressors such as extreme heat, drought (or too much water), etc.

    Why You Would Need An Aeration

    • If you have a problem with thatch (patches of thick grass), an aeration is the ideal fix. 
    • If your grass is thin, an aeration will help thicken it up. 

    Time and Prices for Aerations:

    The most popular time to have an aeration done on your lawn is early Spring.  We do aerations middle of March through April.  We recommend an aeration once a year.  We often schedule them on windy days (plenty of those in Oklahoma).  The cost of an aeration = double the cost of your lawn application.  (Example $65 lawn app = $130 for aeration).


    Yes, schedule an Aeration.

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    Melinda, and the entire team at Irish Green Lawn Care

    (405)794-LAWN (5296)

    Safer. Better. Greener. 

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