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    Lets Talk Grass for Shady Areas

    The most popular grass in Oklahoma for full sun areas of the lawn is Bermuda.  But Bermuda will NOT grow or grows sparsely in shady areas (areas shaded by house or trees).  Fescue grass is a great option for shady areas, but there are some big differences.

    Fescue is a cool season grass and it grows in clumps. Fescue does NOT spread like Bermuda and if it dies it will not come back the next season like Bermuda.  Some fescue will likely die each summer due to our intense Oklahoma heat, which is ”the why” we recommend a “touch-up” fall fescue overseeding each year.

    Some of the things we LOVE about fescue: it will stay green all winter, but the grass will slow down its growth tremendously. Normally we don’t need to do much to the fescue in the winter, except we will water it occasionally if we get a few nice 50-60 degree days. At my own house, my fescue is my favorite areas in my lawn because it stays green all year long, the blades are very wide, grass makes for a great place to take pictures of dogs and grandbabies, and it is soft to walk on.  


    Recommendations:  If you already have fescue, Irish Green recommends that you have a touch-up overseeding done every fall.  Since fescue is a cool season grass and Oklahoma has really hot summers, fescue needs to be overseeded every fall to keep it lush, healthy, and less weeds.    

    Cost = $65 per 1,000 sq feet.

    If you have mostly bald areas with no grass, the first time, we will aerate, overseed, and put down starter fertilizer/organics.  Then the only trick is it cannot dry out. These areas will need to be watered 15 minutes in morning and evening for about 2-3 weeks (until fescue is a couple inches tall). Cost=$150 per 1,000 sq feet.


    PS. The fescue seeds LOVE the organics we apply on top of it and encourages much faster sprouting than every before. We and our customers have been very happy with this combination of overseeding and applying fertilizer/organics on top!

    As fescue is a cool season grass, we recommend overseedings to be done between Sept 15 – Oct 15th.   


    Safer. Better. Greener.


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