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Lawn Fertilization & Weed Control


    When It Comes to Lawn Care, 50% Less is More


    Less is More. It's a phrase often used when trying to explain how a little can do A LOT in some situations.  

    In our weed control and fertilization program for your landscape, this is so true. 

    January 2017, we switched all of our customers to our Hybrid Organic Program and the results have been AMAZING! 


    What does Hybrid Organic mean?  We add organic properties and plant probiotics (think yogurt) to our mix.  This revolutionary combination of organic materials and probiotics allow us to REDUCE the amount of  the more harmful synthetic chemicals (herbicides and pesticides) of a traditional weed control program by up to 50%! You still get traditional fertilizer and weed control, just delivered in a form that your lawn and your landscape can use much more efficiently.


    In todays world, there are many ways to be enviromentaly friendly.  Recycle, use less plastic, turn off electronic devises that you aren't using, etc.  But when it comes to lawn care, being enviromentaly freindly has been a tough concept in the past.  But today...there is a SAFER, BETTER, GREENER option in weed control.   The chemicals we all put on our lawns affect everyone - neighborhood ponds, our waterways, our families,our animals/pets are all affected by weed control treatments. What do you have to lose (except more chemicals)? We want all our customers to feel confident that they are getting the very best products every time.  So if an application does not respond as it should (they are weeds), just let us know and we will gladly respray at no charge. 


    To sum up the Key Benefits of our Hybrid Organic weed control program: 

    • Your lawn will grow a deeper, more web-like root system

    • Your lawn will become more resilient and more able to withstand disease, insect and weather related stress

    • Your lawn will be able to intake nutrients and water more efficiently

    • Your lawn will need less synthetic chemicals, while creating a Safer, Better, and Greener weed-free lawn

         Proud to be, Irish GREEN!




    If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call or email us. 



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