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    Aeration Season

    Aerations are very popular in the lawn care world.  You have probably heard people talking about them this time of year.  But what is an aeration? Why would I need one?

    The Purpose of an Aeration

    At Irish Green Lawn Care, we prefer to use a machine called an aerator to remove small plugs of dirt so that sunlight, water, and nutrients can better reach your root system.  A strong healthy root system = a strong healthy lawn that is better able to handle Oklahoma stressors such as extreme heat, drought (or too much water), etc.

    Why You Would Need An Aeration

    • If you have a problem with thatch (patches of thick grass), an aeration is the ideal fix. 
    • If your grass is thin, an aeration will help thicken it up. 

    Time and Prices for Aerations:

    The most popular time to have an aeration done on your lawn is early Spring.  We do aerations middle of March through April.  We recommend an aeration once a year.  We often schedule them on windy days (plenty of those in Oklahoma).  The cost of an aeration = double the cost of your lawn application.  (Example $65 lawn app = $130 for aeration).








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