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    Is Your Ground Cracking Up?

    The tell-tail sign of a lawn that is not getting enough water is a cracking lawn.  During the heat of summer it is important that your lawn has the water it needs to withstand the temperatures.  Your lawn needs to be watered 3 times per week for 30-40 minutes per zone/area. The goal is to get at least 1 inch of water per week, divided into at least 2 separate waterings.

    Think of your watering your lawn as “long drinks of water”, not short sips.  Long drinks of water encourage deep roots.  Deep roots are better at withstanding Oklahoma 4 seasons.


    It is best to water your lawn early in the morning.  If you must water in the evening, water early enough so your grass has time to dry before nightfall to prevent fungus


    Watering your lawn is as important as getting it treated or having it mowed.  Don’t let your lawn get thirsty, get dehydrated (dry up), or pass out (go dormant)


    Hope You’re Enjoying Your Summer!


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    Grub Worms - The Hidden Enemy of Your Lawn

     If  you live in Oklahoma, there is a good chance you have heard about the dreaded Grub Worms.  If you have not heard about them, let us fill you in!


    EVERYONE has some grubs in your lawn.  The problem is when you have too many grubs.  Waiting until you start to see Grub damage to treat often means that you are too late.  We HIGHLY recommend to all of our customers to have a Grub Preventative Application every year in June/early July.    This is the perfect time in their life cycle to hit them and prevent any damage to your lawn.  




    Grub worms are small white worms (see picture) that live under your grass and eat your lawn’s roots.  A bad case of Grub worms can completely destroy the lawn that you have worked so hard on.  A lawn with Grub damage will feel soft when walking on it.  It will also begin to have some dead spots and if you were to pull on the grass, it would peel away like carpet (see below picture).  Due to our mild winters over the past two years, conditions are very favorable for extensive grub activity this summer, which will lead to grub damage in the fall or even early next spring.

    If you would like to have this Grub Preventative Application applied on your lawn just email us at or call our office at 405/794-5296.



    Safer, Better, Greener

    Irish Green Lawn Care, 117 Industrial Blvd. Moore, OK 73160, 405/794-5296,

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