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Lawn Fertilization & Weed Control

  • One Mean (Fake) Green

    Pre-emergent season has arrived in Oklahoma and this application is extremely important because it keeps a majority of the weeds from coming up in the first place in the spring and early summer months.

    Popular question this time of year -- why do some companies use the green or blue dye?  It is mainly a marketing technique and that "fake green/blue lawn" is something a lot of people may think of when they think pre-emergents.  But we want to challenge that thought and give you some information on why Irish Green Lawn Care does NOT use dye. 

    • A lot of our customers have pets.  Take a look at the green dog below. While we know that brightly dyed hair is currently in style, we are assuming you aren’t necessarily wanting a bright green fur friend walking around in your house on your nice clean carpet.

    • Green dye has no nutrirional benefit. A priority at Irish Green is to reduce synthetic chemicals by using organic components such as probiotics and microorganisms.  These organic additions to our treatments allow us to use spoonfuls, rather than cupfuls, of the more harmful synthetic chemicals.  With that goal in mind, adding green dye adds no nutritional benefits to your lawn and proves nothing except that green dye was put on your lawn.
    • Cracks in sidewalks and driveways. Our technichians  spray the cracks in the sidewalks, driveways, and right up to the fence line.  Additionally, we train our technicians to "trim around the edges of the lawn", where weeds often appear first.  After all the grass is supposed to be green, not your driveway!   

    Another popular question - "So if you aren’t using green dye, how can I know that you actually treated my lawn?” or “How does your technician know which areas he has sprayed and which he hasn’t?”

    Each of our technicians are trained to notice the light natural tint of the treatment so that they can ensure that they’ve sprayed your entire yard.  We also train them to see their own footprints in your lawn, and when you spray lawns all day, it is easy to learn how to see what you have or have not treated.

    We want all of our customers to be able to feel confident that their entire lawn has been treated and treated well. This is why we guarantee our services with free service calls.  If a week or two has passed since your treatment, and the weeds are not curling or turning brown, we will come back out and retreat those weeds and address your concerns at no charge. Additionally, after we complete each application, we will send you a quick email to make it easy for you to let us know if your completely happy with each application!

    If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to give us a call or send us an email.

    (405)-794-LAWN (5296)

    Safer. Better. Greener. 

  • Big Game Sunday!

    Last Sunday was the Big Game!  This year we watched the New England Patriots Vs. the Los Angeles Rams  battle it out for the trophy.

    Isn't it funny, all the hoopla around  just one game?   But then we all know that to make it to the big game and to win it takes year-round practice, team work, and a lot of behind -the -scenes effort. Much like your lawn care!

    While having a beautiful green, weed-free lawn is the ultimate goal (like winning the superbowl)  this cannot happen with only 1 treatment.  Just as winning the big game does not happen with just 1 play or 1 week of practice or by 1 player, weed control takes year-around attention and team work between yourself and your weed control company.

    Let’s break down the key players needed to get the lawn you will love and your neighbors will envy:


    • Defense  - The act of defending from or resisting an attack

    -The first line of defense for your lawn is first and foremost, pre-emergents. Our program consists of 3-4 pre-emergents applied in the fall, winter and very early spring.  Pre-emergents keep many weed seeds from germinating in the first place.  With the strong reliable defense of pre-emergents on your lawn, scoring the touchdown of a weed-free lawn is much more attainable.  Speaking as your coach, no pre-emergents  is equivalent to not having a denfense and sadly you will not win in football or weed-control. (For example, if you have stickers or goat heads in your lawn, pre-emergents are the first line of defense to eradicating this stubborn weed from your lawn. The timing to apply pre-emergents is NOW.)


    • OffenseThe action of attacking 

    -Your offense is the weed control that we apply in the summer.  These summer weed applications (offense) kill the weeds that pre-emergents don't prevent from coming up (Ex: Pre-emergents do NOT keep nutgrass or dandelions from coming up, rather we have to spray them with a post-emergent.)


    • Another great offensive move for your lawn is the fertilizer, organics and plant priobiotics that we apply to your lawn in the summer.  Organics and fertilizer help to make your grass thicker, which keeps weeds such as stickers chocked out, leaving them no room to grow in your lawn.  You may be able to get rid of some stickers with pre-emergents alone but if you have a thin lawn in the summer they will pop back up.


    • TeamworkThe combined action of a group of people, especially when effective.

    -Who makes up the team?  You and your lawn care company .  Without a lawn care company, it is difficult to know "what" and "when" to apply your weed control applications.  As the cost of the chemicals can add up fast, applying the wrong chemicals at the wrong time is not only ineffective but is tough on the pocketbook too.  Without you, your lawn care company is unable to keep your grass strong and healthy.  Your lawn needs you to water and mow regularly to grow thick and green. Together, you and your lawn care company can make your lawn the healthiest, greenest in your neighborhood!


    • Huddle - a quick conference before a play.

    -We are here to huddle together for your lawn anytime you need us!  We have someone in the office from 8 am - 5pm Monday through Friday.  We can be reached by email . We have LIVE chat on our website if you would like to ask us a quick question, or  we will send a tech to your property to take a look at your concerns and come up with the perfect game plan.


    • Game Winning PlayThe play that sets your team apart from all of the rest

    -This is our NEW Hybrid Weed Control Program.  Starting at the beginning of 2017, we have added an organic base full of probiotics, microorganisms, and micronutrients to EACH of our lawn treatments.  This organic base will enhance your soils ability to intake nutrients and water, which allows us to use up to 50% less of the more harmful traditional synthetic chemicals.  As a result, your lawn will be SAFER, BETTER, and GREENER for your children, your pets, and our watersheds. 


    If you want to be the winner in the "game against weeds", we would love to be a part of your team! 

    Click here to get a FREE QUOTE for our 6 application hybrid weed control program so we can get started on building your championship team!

    Pamela O'Neal

    Irish Green Lawn Care, Inc.

    794-LAWN (5296),,




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